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Tips for times of transition: Part 4 – Practical tips for jobseekers

Spring has sprung. Enjoy a change of scenery ... even it's only the front yard.

This post finalizes the series of tips for times of transition Bridget Haymond and I put together. Hopefully, you’ve been able to take a nugget or two and apply it your personal search for professional bliss. Understandably, a job search can be extremely stressful. When you get overwhelmed, it’s always a good idea to take approaches back to the basics. It never hurts to be reminded to breathe.

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Practical tips for jobseekers:

5. A change of scenery can bring a fresh perspective. It’s easy to feel trapped in the same four walls while you are between interviews or waiting for a call back. Go to a place that has free Wi-Fi and conduct your research and job search from a remote location.

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6. Take advantage of local library resources. Books, DVD’s and computers are all available for free. This is a great way to stay updated on current trends, engage in personal growth, and get motivational ideas or take advantage of the entertainment resources.

7. Allow yourself the freedom to simply have fun. Enjoy some funny movies, if you have a musical instrument play it, get together with some friends for an evening of a karaoke or a game night. Laughter is good for the soul so make room for some fun.

A long walk can do a world of wonders.

8. Get outside and get some fresh air. It doesn’t cost a thing to take your dog to the park, do some gardening or simply spend some time on the front porch sipping some lemonade. The vitamin D from the sun is great for lifting your spirits. The key is to get out and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation through nature.

9. Update your look. Try a new hairstyle. Try a new color. You don’t want to look dated during your search (yes, it matters), plus it’ll make you feel wonderful, confident and refreshed.

10. Find an accountability partner; someone who can help you maintain forward progress. Set weekly goals and have that individual gently, but firmly help you accomplish them.

Thanks for the opportunity Bridget and the great blog content too!

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