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Working with Recruiters

If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, you already know I’m an avid Twitter user. I view my Tweeps as important assets in my life and love the wealth of knowledge – interesting, unusual, helpful and odd – shared daily.

Wednesday, Jeff Lipschutlz, founding partner of A-List Solutions, a recruiting firm, and fellow Twitterer suggested I comment on his most recent blog post, “Recruiting your recruiter in the job search”. I followed the link to a very informative article on proper expectations and considerations when working with recruiters. Having been a professional recruiter, I could not have done a better job of putting together a guideline for how to work with one than Jeff did. Sooooo, today I’m sending you to his blog to read:

“Recruiting Your Recruiter in the Job Search”

Make sure you read through all the comments (mine is #16). There’s wonderful information added by other career professional. All in all, Jeff and his commenters created a one-stop guide for what to expect when working with “headhunters.”

And if that’s not enough, Jeff did a follow up post today: “Recruiting Your Recruiter in the Job Search, Part II”

Jeff summarized the comments from the first post (including mine) and added more info. Then, frosting on the cake of this information, he combined both posts into one for his A-List Solutions Web site (gotta love an engineer).

If you’re job searching or thinking about job searching, this is a MUST READ!

Thanks Jeff! For the great information and the opportunity to contribute.

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  1. Dawn, thanks for sharing this week’s discoveries with your network. Obviously, your site is a good place to learn new things–I’ll visit often.

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