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Guest Post on Careerealism

Between Daylight Saving Time and the events of this past weekend, I’ve been remiss in tooting my own horn about my contribution to an article on resume writing for Careerealism. (As I tell my rez clients. If you don’t toot your own horn, who will???)

And yes gang, this is another Twitter-generated opportunity. Stop rolling your eyes. 11% of all Internet users are already tweeting up a storm, sharing wisdom, insights and little snippets of life 140 characters at a time. It’s an incredible marketing and social networking tool. Google it. There’s about 152 bajillion posts, videos and applications out there explaining all about Twitter. But as one astute Twitter aficionado said recently, trying to explain Twitter is like trying to explain bike riding to someone. You don’t understand the value and fun until you do it. But I digress, this is supposed to be all about me.

I met J. T. O’Donnell through Twitter, when I re-tweeted one of her posts. (A retweet (RT) is the “supreme compliment” on Twitter. By retweeting you’re sharing someone else’s wisdom with your followers because you found it valuable. I could RT everything J. T. says. She’s brilliant!)  Anyway, she thanked me (yes tweeps are polite and thoughtful — two of my favorite things) and we started a virtual dialogue. This resulted in her asking if I was interested in contributing to an upcoming article. I said YES, so, rather than read my wisdom here, I’m sending you to the Careerealism for: Hate resume writing? Here’s how to get it done. The entire article is not mine, but I did get my $.02 worth in the conversation.

I would be remiss in not publicly thanking J.T. O’Donnell for the awesome opportunity. And I absolutely have to send a shout out to Greg Barrette, Careerealsm’s Brand Development Manager. He tolerated my anxious, “When is it going live?” emails and helped fix my link when it wasn’t working. He’s a true professional and a really nice person to boot.  All around a top drawer organization. And you gotta love their slogan: “Because every job is temporary.” (So true.)

AFTER you read the article on Careerealism, go set up a Twitter account and start tweeting. Do it!

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