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Assumptions, gifts and a dog named Louie

I received a package in the mail a day or so ago. The return address read “Send Out Cards.” Several months ago I received a similar package. That package came from local entrepreneur, Bruce Brown. Bruce and his wife Marge own Fat City Cards, independent distributors of Send Out Cards. I moved to the “natural” […]

Should a pro write your resume

When Sharlyn Lauby, the HR Bartender, asked for input for a blog post she was writing to address a reader’s question about using a professional resume writer, I was happy to oblige. Good friends and resume writing colleagues Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter of Career Trend and Erin Kennedy of Professional Resume Services also contributed to the article. […]

SEPTEMBER: Update Your Resume Month

In honor of “Update your resume month, I found a great article on the Career Directors International website talking about the importance of keeping your resume up to date and ready for action. Included are some great tips for keeping it that way. Why reinvent the wheel when I can share the wisdom here? Added […]

Feel the power

I write resumes using past tense verbs, through the entire document, regardless if it’s a current position or not. Every now and then, a client asks why? I decided to post the answer. Some writers use present tense for current positions, then shift to past tense for past positions. Some writers use all past tense […]

Guest Post on Careerealism

Between Daylight Saving Time and the events of this past weekend, I’ve been remiss in tooting my own horn about my contribution to an article on resume writing for Careerealism. (As I tell my rez clients. If you don’t toot your own horn, who will???) And yes gang, this is another Twitter-generated opportunity. Stop rolling […]

Check this out …

Recently, Rosa Vargas put out a call through the NRWA elist for contributions on “Worst Resume Mistakes.” Great article Rosa. It’s not only a fun read. It’s got great advice for job seekers and professionals alike. Know what’s even better than Rosa’s article and sound advice? The fact that my contribution is #10 on the list. Thanks […]

Mary Poppins celebrates 45 years

Earlier today I heard a commercial advertising this year as the 45th anniversary of the release of Mary Poppins. Wow. 45 years. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original audience still enjoy a movie first released in 1964. Young Julie Andrews, handsome Dick Van Dyke – nostalgia … makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t […]

Target? Focus?? Audience??? I don’t even know what I want to do yet!

After reading my colleague’s, Jennifer Anthony, recent blog post, Targeted Resumes: How to Target Your Resume to the Job You Want, it got me thinking. As resume writers, we tell our clients, you’ve got to focus your job search. You’ve got to have a target. You’ve got to know your audience. However, with all this […]

Do I really need professional help?

Some would say yes … but then I’m not talking about me. <smile> I’m talking getting professional help as you contemplate or begin a job search. When it comes to creating a compelling sales and market document, targeted toward landing interviews in a competitive job market, are you up to the task?   If some […]

Web 2.0 – Business in a fishbowl

I recently read Gayle Howard’s blog post about how Web 2.0 is affecting company communications and in the long run, operations. (Gayle’s an Australian resume writer and fellow PARW member.)   It ties in nicely with what I’ve discovered about this whole cyber-networking thing. Building on her post, there’s another side to Web 2.0. From a […]