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How are you asking for feedback?

And what are you getting? And for that matter, what are you giving when asked? In the past few months, I’ve had two people hand me a product (virtually or in person) with no context or reference to their attachment or affiliation, what I was viewing or why I would be interested. The only guidance […]

Guest post on New England Job Show blog

A friend alerted me to the opportunity for a guest post on The New England Job Show blog I made contact and well, there I am, in the job search section. The blog’s editor, Jackie Simmonds, made the process pleasant and easy. You’ll notice I added a link to their site on my blog roll. […]

Job Search Tweets

When Susan Whitcomb, Deb Dib and Chandlee Bryan put out a call for job search tweets for inclusion in their upcoming book, The Twitter Job Search Guide: Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day, (set for release early March 2010), I gladly dug through my Twitter stream and found […]