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Companies hire skill sets, not job titles

A recent client had just completed his computer science degree. Currently, he was working as a delivery driver for a national courier service. Prior to that, he had been in the Navy. He was ready to launch his computer industry career starting as help desk technician. He told me he had absolutely no help desk […]

Ready. Set. Launch!

Tuesday, I shared things college sophomores could do to start gathering information and preparing for their after-graduation career launch. Today, I’ll share information about what college juniors and seniors can do to sharpen career tools as they prepare to graduate and venture into their chosen professions. For college juniors and seniors: As you advance in […]

When all else fails …

I’ve written about this topic before here and here. However, lately, it seems I need to stress the importance of following instructions, yet again. I ask clients, usually twice in one email, to confirm time zones when acknowledging appointment times. ~ I frequently have to send follow-up emails to get time zone information needed to […]

No one told me …

No one told me … That was the response I heard when I asked a client about the monetary impact of changes she’d suggested and implemented. I pressed further. “Can you remember anything about how things changed after you introduced your idea?” Her response … a nervous giggle, then **crickets**. I’m not picking on her. […]

Think threatening to leave to get a raise is a good idea? Think again.

Today’s Careerealism T.A.P. question #382 prompted this post. You can go read the entire question here, but the gist of it is, “I’m underpaid. Should I threaten to leave to see if I can get more money?” Since I can only answer in 140 characters on Twitter, I decided to expand all the things wrong […]

Work like you’re working for yourself … well, because you are.

This story came via email yesterday from Phil. I’m sharing it here today because it gives me a chance to spend some time talking about my favorite topics – a positive attitude, good customer service, social media and old friends – and tie it all into job search and career advice. Life is good. Phil […]

It’s not all about you …

How often have you heard me say the job search process is “all about them”? Or the flip side of that, “it’s not all about you”? For the sake of argument, trust me, it’s been a lot. Remember that as I share this story … My husband was asked to take over as head custodian, […]

On payday, everybody's even

Back in the ‘90s, I worked with a very smart inventory control manager. His name was George. We were part of a team tasked with consolidating and moving two assembly operations, in two states into a new facility in a third location. We spent many hours conversing about specific processes and business in general.   […]