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When all else fails …

I’ve written about this topic before here and here. However, lately, it seems I need to stress the importance of following instructions, yet again. I ask clients, usually twice in one email, to confirm time zones when acknowledging appointment times. ~ I frequently have to send follow-up emails to get time zone information needed to […]

… and then “shut up.”

Back in the late 70s, early 80s I attended a Careertrack seminar. I don’t remember the name of the seminar. I don’t really remember the exact topic, but one story the presenter shared stuck with me all these years. The presenter, (we’ll call her Sue) traveled across the US doing seminars. Because of a hectic […]

It’s not all about you …

How often have you heard me say the job search process is “all about them”? Or the flip side of that, “it’s not all about you”? For the sake of argument, trust me, it’s been a lot. Remember that as I share this story … My husband was asked to take over as head custodian, […]

Web 2.0 – Business in a fishbowl

I recently read Gayle Howard’s blog post about how Web 2.0 is affecting company communications and in the long run, operations. (Gayle’s an Australian resume writer and fellow PARW member.)   It ties in nicely with what I’ve discovered about this whole cyber-networking thing. Building on her post, there’s another side to Web 2.0. From a […]

Volunteer to network

I had the best day yesterday. I volunteer with a canine rescue group – Monty’s Home. I spent the day at the Dog Club of Wilmington’s Second Annual Holiday Party. There was food, live music, pictures with Santa, dogs – ranging in size from a teacup Chihuahua to a 130-pound Great Dane – and vendors, selling […]

Attention! Helicopter Parents: Return to the Heliport

A friend of mine recently sent me the link to Patrick Erwin’s article on CareerBuilder entitled Helicopter Parents on the Job Search. In the article, Mr. Erwin describes a new phenomena emerging in the job search marketplace – parents intimately involved in their Generation Y / Millennial Generation offspring’s job search. And he goes on […]