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Yes. Penmanship does count.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’m actively involved with Monty’s Home. One project I’m working on is to improve email communications by using an email marketing service. This means, I not only had to manually enter every address we’ve accumulated to date – long, boring, technical story – it also means I’ve taken over […]

It’s not all about you …

How often have you heard me say the job search process is “all about them”? Or the flip side of that, “it’s not all about you”? For the sake of argument, trust me, it’s been a lot. Remember that as I share this story … My husband was asked to take over as head custodian, […]

Web 2.0 – Business in a fishbowl

I recently read Gayle Howard’s blog post about how Web 2.0 is affecting company communications and in the long run, operations. (Gayle’s an Australian resume writer and fellow PARW member.)   It ties in nicely with what I’ve discovered about this whole cyber-networking thing. Building on her post, there’s another side to Web 2.0. From a […]

Volunteer to network … continued.

  OK, I mentioned there are marketable skills you can develop while volunteering. Here’s a list of 10. I’m sure you can add more.   1. Learn to write, rehearse and deliver effective elevator speeches. If you can effectively communicate you causes’ mission, you’re well on your way to communicating your own value to potential […]

On payday, everybody's even (Part two)

Continuing with Thursday’s post …    OK, so how does “On payday, everybody’s even” fit in with a career move? Hang with me a little while long and it will all make sense.   I took the following excerpt from a client email I received recently. It’s a good question. And this client is wise […]

On payday, everybody's even

Back in the ‘90s, I worked with a very smart inventory control manager. His name was George. We were part of a team tasked with consolidating and moving two assembly operations, in two states into a new facility in a third location. We spent many hours conversing about specific processes and business in general.   […]

Hello world!

“Hello world!” is an appropriate title for this the maiden voyage of a new blog. As a resume writer and owner of The Write Solution, I get many, many questions about career-related topics and am amazed at the misconceptions, crazy perceptions and just plain wrong ideas people have about the job search and managing their careers. In […]