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Check this out …

Recently, Rosa Vargas put out a call through the NRWA elist for contributions on “Worst Resume Mistakes.” Great article Rosa. It’s not only a fun read. It’s got great advice for job seekers and professionals alike. Know what’s even better than Rosa’s article and sound advice? The fact that my contribution is #10 on the list. Thanks […]

Do I really need professional help?

Some would say yes … but then I’m not talking about me. <smile> I’m talking getting professional help as you contemplate or begin a job search. When it comes to creating a compelling sales and market document, targeted toward landing interviews in a competitive job market, are you up to the task?   If some […]

Drive your own bus.

“You’re a resume writer? I bet your business is booming.” That’s the reaction I get lately when I tell people what I do for a living. Then it’s almost a wink-wink, nudge-nudge, “You must be lovin’ this economy.” The first time it happened, I politely mumbled something and changed the subject. By the third time […]