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Why thank you

What do the following acts have in common? Hand-crocheted baby blankets as congratulations for new parents. Sent information interviewing and interview prep handouts, at no charge, to complete strangers. Took pictures, made reprints, burned CDs or created movies and forwarded to friends and family after parties, showers and gatherings. Emailed federal resume writer referral information […]

… and then “shut up.”

Back in the late 70s, early 80s I attended a Careertrack seminar. I don’t remember the name of the seminar. I don’t really remember the exact topic, but one story the presenter shared stuck with me all these years. The presenter, (we’ll call her Sue) traveled across the US doing seminars. Because of a hectic […]

Target? Focus?? Audience??? I don’t even know what I want to do yet!

After reading my colleague’s, Jennifer Anthony, recent blog post, Targeted Resumes: How to Target Your Resume to the Job You Want, it got me thinking. As resume writers, we tell our clients, you’ve got to focus your job search. You’ve got to have a target. You’ve got to know your audience. However, with all this […]