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Should a pro write your resume

When Sharlyn Lauby, the HR Bartender, asked for input for a blog post she was writing to address a reader’s question about using a professional resume writer, I was happy to oblige. Good friends and resume writing colleagues Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter of Career Trend and Erin Kennedy of Professional Resume Services also contributed to the article. […]

Guest post on New England Job Show blog

A friend alerted me to the opportunity for a guest post on The New England Job Show blog I made contact and well, there I am, in the job search section. The blog’s editor, Jackie Simmonds, made the process pleasant and easy. You’ll notice I added a link to their site on my blog roll. […]

Seth Godin: "Don't Try to Get a Job???” I couldn’t agree more!

In the last of a month-long series of guest posts (including mine) on G. L. Hoffman’s What Would Dad Say? blog, Seth Godin closes out the month with some RADICAL job search advice: “Don’t Try to Get a Job.” Run over there, check it out (GREAT READ!!), then come back and find out why this […]

Guest Post on Careerealism

Between Daylight Saving Time and the events of this past weekend, I’ve been remiss in tooting my own horn about my contribution to an article on resume writing for Careerealism. (As I tell my rez clients. If you don’t toot your own horn, who will???) And yes gang, this is another Twitter-generated opportunity. Stop rolling […]

Guest Post on What Would Dad Say?

I’ve alluded to the wonderfulness of Twitter in my previous post. Well, here’s an example. I meet G L Hoffman through Twitter. Not only did he send me copy of his e-book Dig your Job or Find a New One (I’ll review it in a future post. Great stuff!!!!) when we connected, he recently tweeted […]