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The power of value in salary negotiations

One of the best parts of writing resumes for folks; I frequently get to meet extended families. I’ve written for husband and wives and sons and daughters and brothers and sisters, and fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters and many combinations of the above. Last year, I wrote for a wife; then her husband. They […]

You don’t know me. You need to help me.

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. It read: “What advice do you have for me as a teacher who is transitioning into technology? Please connect with me on LinkedIn. Touch a life and make a world of difference. Thank you [name withheld]” I did not recognize the name. I […]

How are you asking for feedback?

And what are you getting? And for that matter, what are you giving when asked? In the past few months, I’ve had two people hand me a product (virtually or in person) with no context or reference to their attachment or affiliation, what I was viewing or why I would be interested. The only guidance […]

How are you asking for help?

I received the following via email a few Fridays ago: “Good Afternoon, I am currently unemployed and for the past few months I have been trying to present better ways to get my resume points of view across to recruiters. I have been trying to co-mingle value based information and actual job duties that I […]

Assumptions, gifts and a dog named Louie

I received a package in the mail a day or so ago. The return address read “Send Out Cards.” Several months ago I received a similar package. That package came from local entrepreneur, Bruce Brown. Bruce and his wife Marge own Fat City Cards, independent distributors of Send Out Cards. I moved to the “natural” […]

Do you think they’ll notice?

My husband shaved off his mustache last Wednesday. It took me seeing him twice that morning before I noticed it. The last time he made this dramatic change to his face, he finally pointed it out to me … the following day. Since he’d been on Thanksgiving break, today was his first day back to […]

Oh no. Not the phone!

Career Collective post: Once a month, a group of career professionals blog on a subject topical and timely for a job seeker. We’ll post our thoughts on our own blog and link to the post of our colleagues on the same topic. This month’s topic: How to avoid scary career/resume mistakes? How to ensure your […]

What’s in a name?

Recently a job seeker shared this story with me: She’d successfully completed a telephone interview and did the “proper thing” sending a thank you email after the phone interview. (BRAVO!!)  A few days later, she checked her email and found not only did the email bounce back as undeliverable; the message about it bouncing went […]

Why thank you

What do the following acts have in common? Hand-crocheted baby blankets as congratulations for new parents. Sent information interviewing and interview prep handouts, at no charge, to complete strangers. Took pictures, made reprints, burned CDs or created movies and forwarded to friends and family after parties, showers and gatherings. Emailed federal resume writer referral information […]

One bad apple doesn’t ALWAYS spoil the whole bunch

Today, an “innocent” link floated by in the Twitter stream. I’m normally a “live and let live, you’re entitled to your opinion” kinda gal, but when my entire industry is bashed, I have to take a stand. It doesn’t matter the original post is from April 2009. Broad brush generalizations about ANY industry serve no […]