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Guest post on New England Job Show blog

A friend alerted me to the opportunity for a guest post on The New England Job Show blog I made contact and well, there I am, in the job search section. The blog’s editor, Jackie Simmonds, made the process pleasant and easy. You’ll notice I added a link to their site on my blog roll. […]

What’s in a name?

Recently a job seeker shared this story with me: She’d successfully completed a telephone interview and did the “proper thing” sending a thank you email after the phone interview. (BRAVO!!)  A few days later, she checked her email and found not only did the email bounce back as undeliverable; the message about it bouncing went […]

SEPTEMBER: Update Your Resume Month

In honor of “Update your resume month, I found a great article on the Career Directors International website talking about the importance of keeping your resume up to date and ready for action. Included are some great tips for keeping it that way. Why reinvent the wheel when I can share the wisdom here? Added […]

Encounter with a job hunting teenager

Going to the mall is always an adventure. When darling hubby (DH) and I go together it’s doubly so. He works in a local high school, so almost anywhere we go in town we see “his kids.” It’s like hanging out with a celebrity with all the teenagers yelling “Hi, Mr. Gary”, waving and hugging. […]

No one told me …

No one told me … That was the response I heard when I asked a client about the monetary impact of changes she’d suggested and implemented. I pressed further. “Can you remember anything about how things changed after you introduced your idea?” Her response … a nervous giggle, then **crickets**. I’m not picking on her. […]

Tenacity and Plans B, C, D …

I went to my computer early last Monday morning (12-20) around 2:30 a.m. I live with six dogs and an “old bladder” so middle of the night computer visits are normal for me. I check email or catch up on Twitter until I get sleepy again. Sometimes, on Twitter, I’ll find another night owl or someone […]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes …

If you read this blog with any frequency (THANK YOU!!!), you know in addition to being a professional resume writer, I ran a busy pet sitting service – emphasis on the word busy. Back on July 29th, I came to the realization something had to give. I drove 150 miles doing pet sits, – never […]

Think threatening to leave to get a raise is a good idea? Think again.

Today’s Careerealism T.A.P. question #382 prompted this post. You can go read the entire question here, but the gist of it is, “I’m underpaid. Should I threaten to leave to see if I can get more money?” Since I can only answer in 140 characters on Twitter, I decided to expand all the things wrong […]

Would you brush a hippo’s teeth?

As you may already know, I ran a pet sitting service in addition to my resume writing enterprise. (October 5th I notified clients I was shutting down.) If you think working for corporate America is demanding, try caring for someone’s animals in their own home. Goodness me, the stories I could tell. I also volunteer […]

Work like you’re working for yourself … well, because you are.

This story came via email yesterday from Phil. I’m sharing it here today because it gives me a chance to spend some time talking about my favorite topics – a positive attitude, good customer service, social media and old friends – and tie it all into job search and career advice. Life is good. Phil […]