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The Christmas cookie platter and job search strategy

I decided to make Christmas treats this year. Those close to me know a voluntary venture into the kitchen is rare. The hubs plans meals and is chef extraordinaire at our house. I’ve not changed to a baking blog. I promise. This comes back around to job search. Knowing I wanted Christmas-type cookies I began […]

One of the biggest lies

I recently worked on a resume project with a rising junior. We targeted formalized internship programs with prestigious firms. These programs, with industry leaders, would give him valuable experience and help establish a solid foundation for his career-launching resume, after graduation. To make sure he’d take advantage of the full internship experience, I added this […]

One of job search’s biggest roadblocks: You don’t know what you don’t know

We recently completed a full renovation of both bathrooms in our house. The ‘problem’ started as a mushy spot next to the tub in the main bathroom. We learned not to step on that spot, and hoped it didn’t get any worse. About a year after we noticed the floor by the tub, I stepped […]

What’s your excuse? “I can’t afford …”

Granted. There are just some things that fall out of my price range. While I would love to drive a two-seater Mercedes convertible, I don’t have the funds to support that right now. And I do realize there are situations when individuals can barely afford the basic life necessities. Those aren’t the “I can’t affords” […]

How current is that job search advice? | Responding to the dinosaurs.

Yesterday, I shared a university career center assessment of a cutting-edge, targeted, focused, differentiating career-marketing document I created for a soon-to-graduate student client. You can read more detail about the document here. To refresh your memory, here is the feedback my client received, (copied exactly as forwarded): “Your resume is very colorful and creative, however, […]

It’s your life. It’s your career. Stop apologizing.

Three times this week, (and it’s only Wednesday), I’ve had clients say to me, “If only I’d …”, or “How am I going to explain this gap in employment?”, “What will ‘they’ think, when they see …?” and other, self-deprecating comments about their career and the choices they’ve made in their lives. To which I […]

Answers to career questions – Part two

On Tuesday, I posted the first two of four career questions I’d answered for a virtual interview somewhere along the way. These are the final two questions and answers in the interview. #3.    Is there a particular leadership style which is great for bagging a career promotion? Great leaders establish clear, measurable goals, put the […]

Interview responses to career questions – Part one

I’ve been organizing virtual files lately and came across a list of four questions I’d answered back in November 2009. I responded to a request for a virtual interview. I’m not sure what the recipient ever did with the information. Sometimes responses are gathered but never used. Since I can’t the find the information I […]

Ready. Set. Launch!

Tuesday, I shared things college sophomores could do to start gathering information and preparing for their after-graduation career launch. Today, I’ll share information about what college juniors and seniors can do to sharpen career tools as they prepare to graduate and venture into their chosen professions. For college juniors and seniors: As you advance in […]

It never too early start …

A few years ago I responded to two questions about how to help college students start developing information for their resume. I “re-discovered” what I wrote the other day so thought I’d share the information here. The first question asked:  “What advice would you give college sophomores as they start to think about developing their […]