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The Christmas cookie platter and job search strategy

Fudge, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Scotcharoos, and Melt Aways

Fudge, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Scotcharoos, and Melt Aways

I decided to make Christmas treats this year. Those close to me know a voluntary venture into the kitchen is rare. The hubs plans meals and is chef extraordinaire at our house.

I’ve not changed to a baking blog. I promise. This comes back around to job search.

Knowing I wanted Christmas-type cookies I began the planning process. No matter how good the treats, hubs and I didn’t need all those sweets, just for us. We decided a platter for his coworkers and a few tins would make great gifts while satisfying my baking desires. Narrowing down the demographic and delivery vehicles, I knew the treats had to be portable and easy-to-share. Next, decision; old school recreating childhood favorites, or try new recipes?

Flipping through recipes collected over the years, nostalgia won with four favorites from my childhood. With recipes in hand, I grabbed pen and paper (keepin’ it old school.) and headed for the pantry. I took inventory and made a shopping list filling in ingredient gaps.

Armed with my list, I headed to the store most likely to have everything I needed in one stop. I knew where I was going and what route I would take before backing out of the driveway. (Added layer of planning: country living requires combined trips to make the 30-60-mile round trip to surrounding towns efficient.) Once in the store, I headed toward the aisles and products meeting my specific criteria.

Are you starting to see a connection?

Baking day arrived. I gathered the recipes, determined cooking/baking order by oven temp and appliance needed, (doesn’t everyone?), and started measuring and mixing. As planned, the next day, I was arranging cookies on a lovely Christmas platter.

Whoa. That’s a whole lot of planning and step-taking for little ole Christmas cookies. Most of what I described was basic, for all practical purposes, “no-thinking involved” planning. Of course you’d make a list, pick the right store, figure out the best way to get everything done. You want successful results. Because I took the time to think about what it would take to get from where I was to where I wanted to be, and put in the effort to get there, Gary’s coworkers shared in some sweet Christmas joy.

Sweet success.

Sweet success.

And here’s where the dots connect.

I find in talking with job seekers, frequently they stop after that first step. “I want to change employers / change careers / land a new job” equates to “I want to bake cookies”. That decision made, they start job searching. If making Christmas treats takes as much forethought, planning, and execution, as outlined above, doesn’t it make sense that same level of thought, planning, and execution would net equally positive results when managing a career?

While you’re scooting about wrapping up holiday details, think about how you carefully planned for holiday success – starting with your end goal in mind. Apply those same principles to managing your job search and career goals, and you’ll be amazed. Planned, targeted efforts, in job search, and life endeavors, net positive results.

Now, pass the cookies. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    What a delicious post – one that is calorie-free (for me). 😉

    Having grown up in the country, I certainly understand the wisdom of planning one’s trip to town.

    This post is a very good reminder that like cookies, half-baked is not the way in which to meet those career goals.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

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