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One of the biggest lies

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I recently worked on a resume project with a rising junior. We targeted formalized internship programs with prestigious firms. These programs, with industry leaders, would give him valuable experience and help establish a solid foundation for his career-launching resume, after graduation. To make sure he’d take advantage of the full internship experience, I added this note:

Keep a record

“One thing I wanted to mention, as you start gaining experience, make time at the end of each week to note the things you’ve done, the contributions you’ve made, the things you’ve learned, and other career detail. (It may morph into once a month, but it’s a good habit to develop, regardless the time frame applied.) This gives you content for future resumes and talking points for future interviews or performance appraisal/salary review conversations. The biggest lie we tell ourselves is “I don’t have to write that down. I’ll remember.” You don’t. You won’t. I promise.

“Start a Word file, get a spiral notebook, open a Google doc, put it in a spreadsheet, but document it. This is the key to being able to drive your own “career bus”: know your value and be able to relay it in interesting, impactful career stories. You need good notes to write good stories.

Start a wonderfulness file

“Also, start a file where you save all the “thank yous” and notes of appreciation you receive during your career. They’re a great pick-me-up after an unsuccessful venture, and again, give value talking points in other aspects of your career. (I STILL keep a file with notes dating back to 1987. Seriously.)

Give back

“And as you travel, be sure to add to other people’s thank you file regularly, too. The most powerful and underused phase in business today is ‘thank you’, followed closely by ‘please.'”

Good practices, no matter where you are your career.

Go ahead. Add this to you to-do list. If you don’t, you won’t remember.


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