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Basic computer skills? Please define.

I received this message from Matthew, via Facebook. It’s a good question. I decided to share it and my answer to Matthew here. THANKS MATTHEW. January 28 at 5:12pm Dear Ms. Bugni, In your post (which was very well-written, by the way) you mention the necessity of having “basic computer skills” to compete in today’s […]

Ya but …

Career Collective post: Once a month, a group of career professionals blog on a subject topical and timely for a job seeker. We’ll post our thoughts on our own blog and link to the post of our colleagues on the same topic. This month’s topic: What advice do you have to help jobseekers transition and […]

There is no such thing as “Just”

“It’s not who we are that holds us back….it’s who we think we are not!” This quote floats by on Twitter occasionally. I liked it so well the first time I saw it, I wrote it down on a post- it note and put it at eye-level in front of me. Not sure who coined it, but […]