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Guest Post on What Would Dad Say?

I’ve alluded to the wonderfulness of Twitter in my previous post. Well, here’s an example. I meet G L Hoffman through Twitter. Not only did he send me copy of his e-book Dig your Job or Find a New One (I’ll review it in a future post. Great stuff!!!!) when we connected, he recently tweeted an opportunity for guest postings on his blog. Were I not on Twitter, were I not involved in social media, I probably wouldn’t have meet G L.

His blog What would Dad Say? is full of sound, common sense advice. Bookmark his blog, as well as mine.

In the meantime, head over to his blog and enjoy my guest post there.  Common sense job search approaches — thanks to mom and dad. (Please and thank-you.)

By the way, G L not only allowed me to guest post, he’s been coaching and cheering from the sidelines helping me publicize my post. He’s a saint in my book! Thanks G L!!

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  1. glhoffman says:

    thanks to YOU, Dawn. Great stuff in your guest post, and I am glad to have met you too.

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