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A smile — Your best job search accessory for 2009

My goodness. Where did the day go? My intent this morning was to get one more blog post up before the end of this year – posterity thing, I suppose. I had all ideas I would tie a job search topic into something having to do with the New Year and new beginnings, etc., etc., etc.


Then, it happened – the unexpected. Last night, I had a flat tire last while out on pet sit rounds. I pulled in a stranger’s driveway, to get out of traffic and knocked on the front door to let the residents know why this woman pulled into their yard and was changing a tire. To my surprise, a Good Samaritan came out and changed the tire for me. Thank-you kind soul!!!


This morning I got up early in hope of catching a tire repair shop in the area open on this New Year’s Eve Day Holiday. I looked out the window and the “donut” spare was flat. AAARRRUUUUGGGHHH!!! Darling husband put enough air in the donut to get me the six country miles to the repair shop. Looking at the wear on my tires, the mechanic suggests I need an alignment … a service they don’t provide. Four calls later, I found a shop able to do the alignment today, not Saturday, or next Tuesday …


Colorful New Year's EveSo, rather than researching and composing a career-related post, I spent the day dealing with unexpected car issues and expenses. Instead of leisurely musing about job searches and resumes, I ran around the countryside – literally – to get everything done on a holiday.


On the surface, the past 24-hours doesn’t sound like a lot of fun for me. But, really, it wasn’t that bad. Without the flat, I wouldn’t have met the wonderful family that helped change the tire last night. While getting new tires this morning, I ran into a veterinary hospital (previous job) client I hadn’t seen in years and we played catch-up for a moment. When I was getting the car aligned, I had great conversation with an older gentleman about the state of society. Overall, unexpected, yet enriching events making for a very interesting day.


What did I learn today? And how in the world am I going to segue this into careers and New Year’s Eve? Well, here goes. Things happen everyday. How you deal with them is up to you. And believe me positive attitudes and smiling faces will get your further in life and in a job search than a scowl ever will. Make 2009 the year you smile more.


You didn’t expect something profound did you? I told you, I’ve been busy today.





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