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The Presidential Candidate's Resumes

On this the eve of election 2008, it’s fitting to share an article featuring resumes written by Wendy Enelow, career industry guru. For the article, she outlined the Democratic and Republican candidate’s credentials. I’ve not seen a finer piece of objective writing since this campaign began (What it’s been? about100 years ago? Admit it. It HAS been a l-o-n-g political season — regardless your leanings.)

 Follow the links to Wendy’s resumes toward the end of the “Want to know what a great resume looks like?” article.

The decisions made at the polls tomorrow determine the course America takes for the immediate future and beyond. It’ll affect earnings, income, jobs, prices, taxes, truly everything that touches your life. If you’re an informed voter, then please go to the polls tomorrow and vote your convictions.

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