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Hello world!

“Hello world!” is an appropriate title for this the maiden voyage of a new blog.

As a resume writer and owner of The Write Solution, I get many, many questions about career-related topics and am amazed at the misconceptions, crazy perceptions and just plain wrong ideas people have about the job search and managing their careers. In an effort to clear some of the fog, I decided to start blogging to try and answer some of the questions I hear from clients every week.

With a solid background in customer service, I’m sure this blog will occasionally veer into customer-service-related issues and general business etiquette. It’s all part of that great big career pie. (Customer service isn’t just a department — it’s an attitude!)

Special thanks to Karen Werhle, of Blue Oasis Web Design for help with the technical research on blogging and Barbara Safani of Career Solvers for the great webinar on blogging I took last week. It gave me the confidence to jump right in. (Kathy Sweeny of Resume Writers Resource hosted the event.)

Post specific questions in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer them in future posts.

Time is valuable. Thank you for spending some of yours with me.

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